Monday, February 25, 2008

A mighty windy meme

There's no "I" in "meme," but there are two "me's." In fact, since I've been tagged by Chilebrown to play this game of "Things You Don't Know About Me," here are five facts about me. Rated PG for pretty gross.

1. The first live concert I attended starred the Kingston Trio.
2. The second starred Peter, Paul and Mary.
3. The third starred Bob Dylan. Most of the Brown University audience was gone by intermission because he couldn't sing.
4. That was in February, 1963, and about three years later I started claiming that Dylan was my first concert.
5. I only stayed because he'd written a couple of Peter, Paul and Mary songs.

I'm supposed to tag five more people, but I'm too much of a geezer to know how to do it. So feel free to do your own "Five Facts" meme or forward your embarrassing musical revelations to, well, me.


Zoomie said...

I actually _like_ the Kingston Trio, even today, although you almost never hear their music any more. My big brother introduced them to us and we thought they were soooooo sophisticated, singing about "Scotch and Soda" and "The Seine, the Seine," etc.

cranky said...

Scotch and soda, mud in your eye, baby do I feel high...Oh, me, oh my, I think I know all the words to all their songs.

Zoomie said...

Me, too! Let's have a sing-along one of these days!

Chilebrown said...

Ms. Goofy saw Jimi Hendrix in Sacramento. He opened for Donovan. I am so jealous!!!!