Monday, January 26, 2009

Off the pig? Roast the pig!

Welcome to the new era of Obama (and maybe me coming out of an 8-year depression). Just to set the record straight: Obama is a lot more conservative than the wingnuts claim he is. For an alleged commie radical he's spending a lot of effort trying to keep Wall Street from falling into the dustbin of history. And arugula is not what we liberal elitists crave for dinner.

Give us pig meat. Roast it good. Slash it in chunks. All of it. Serve it with beans and macaroni and cheese. I'm sorry, Hannity and Limbaugh, we elitists are so far ahead of you we've come up behind you to become better cavemen. Arugula? In a pig's eye!

On Sunday I went to a birthday party for a friend who roasted a whole pig in his backyard in honor of the new age. Forty for him. Five days for Obama.

The party wasn't really for Obama, but he was the first topic of conversation and held first place until the splayed and singed porker came out of the firepit. To be precise, the caja china, a fearsome charcoal-fired device that enveloped the pig and created enough heat to crack the paving stones on which it was set.

It was fabulous, just the thing the new president would like. As Obama said, “I’m not looking for some fancy presentations or extraordinarily subtle flavors."

How about giant pans of juicy pork chunks?

My wife got an ear.