Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Vote For Really Traditional Marriage

The California Supreme Court ruled today that Prop. 8., outlawing marriage between same-sex partners, is constitutional. Never mind equal protection. Never mind the thousands of gay and lesbian couples who were married before the passage of Prop. 8, and now are huddled together on a sort of court-sanctioned ice floe. Never mind the other states that have outstripped California in progressivism. Iowa?

It's time to do something. My proposal is Prop. Mate, the logical follow-up to Prop. 8, which really puts the eternal capital M in marriage.

Backers of Prop. 8 said they believed in "traditional marriage" between a man and a woman. That would be one man and one woman, and no less of an authority than the Mormon Church, which heavily funded Prop. 8, claimed that recognition of gay marriage could lead to recognition of polygamy. You want traditional marriage, one man and one woman? We'll give it to you.

Prop. Mate, the Perfection of Marriage Initiative, specifies:

"Marriage shall be defined as the joining of a man and a woman until death do them part."

You have to admit, it has a nice traditional ring. And heterosexuals will have to keep their rings on their fingers forever.

The Bible tells us so.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Cuatro de Bloggo

This is to celebrate the fourth anniversary of my wife's blog, called I'm Mad and I Eat. I may be mad in the other sense, but I think it's a great name. Her nom de fume, Cookiecrumb, is more ironic than apt, though. In meatspace, she's more of a tough cookie or a whip cracker, a saucy little treat who doesn't even like sweets. Pardon the Mix-Mastered food metaphor.

Four years. She's been blogging longer than Twitterers have been tweeting or Facebookers have been facing and getting faced. When she started her food and occasional Bush-whacking blog, Bush was popular, expensive restaurants were still opening, housing prices and the stock market were rising and newspapers were only folding in the paperboy sense of the word.

That was a long time ago, especially in digital years. I'm surprised that blogs themselves still exist. I know mine barely does.

But I love blogs anyway, at least hers, and all it's done for us.

We have a whole new set of friends. She visits with them every day, even the ones in exotic lands like Italy, Australia and Michigan. I hear about them from her, look over her shoulder at their photographs of fine edibles, and know them by their goats, children, personal travails and plating techniques. It is a food blog part of the blogosphere, but there's far more to it than that. To get serious for a second, she has had friends who have died, had babies, suffered illnesses, undergone divorce and gotten married, and she has mourned, worried and celebrated, without ever having met most of them, except Facebook to Facebook.

We also have a whole new social circle and party circuit. We meet regularly with many of the local food bloggers here in meatspace. And I do mean meatspace. A couple of my favorite new friends are master grillers, and no party with them is complete without coming home smelling like charcoal, bacon and the rare juices of USDA Choice vegan repellent.

We have recently been invited East by one of Cookiecrumb's online friends who is a master chef and artist. He's having an opening at a gallery, and he even promised not to serve bad wine. I'm tempted to load us all into the Suburbaru and hit the Interstate, even though I know this guy only second hand from the master hand at our family keyboard.

Hell, I might even blog more.